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Serving: Monday: 4 pm – 10 pm
Tuesday: 11 am – 11 pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 11 am – 11 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am – Midnight
Sunday: 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday & Sunday Brunch: 11 am — 3 pm

Beer List


  • Bubbler

    BubblerBlonde Ale. Like those days of youth when we joyously lapped up gulps from the spigot during a day of hot summer play. Bubbler hits the spot. Refreshing, smooth and well balanced with a clean, zest-quenching finish. It’s the craft beer for the light beer drinker. Let out that ahhh.

    Golden with a slight white head. Medium-light body with a subtle malt flavor.  4.5% ABV, 20 IBU.
    Available in bottle and draft year round

  • Kaleidospoke

    American Pale Ale (APA). With each sip you glide along a crisp, golden path. Pausing for those moments when the rolling mosaic of flavors capture your palate. While enjoying a generous hop aroma that guides the entire experience–without leading you to an overly bitter finish. Kaleidospoke. Hop on, and enjoy the ride.

    Crisp, citrusy and refreshing. Mild bitterness with big hop aroma from Mosaic dry hopping. 6.0% ABV, 38 IBU
    Available in bottle and draft year round

  • Luminous

    India Pale Ale (IPA). And from the darkness did Luminous cast a glow upon the world of India Pale Ales. Its pale crystal malt generating a very light color unique to the style. The medium body and citrusy aromas illuminating a well-rounded bitterness that finishes clean. For a flavor that shines, plug in. Turn on. Come to the light!

    Constructed of 2-row brewer's malt and a light crystal malt to keep this beer very light in color and lighter bodied than many IPAs. Citrusy and a slight apricot hop aromatics with mild bitterness. 6.8% ABV, 68 IBU
    Available in bottle and draft year round


  • Livacious

    LivaciousSaison. Ale Brewed with Peach Blossoms, Lavender & White Tea. Behold, from the beer garden of Eden does this seductive saison call. Blooming with the aroma of earthly pleasures, take a floral journey through peach blossoms, lavender and white tea as you relish in a slight spiciness just bursting with effervescence. It’s lively. It’s vivacious. It’s Livacious. Succumb to the desire!

    Belgian yeast pitched at ale temperatures to develop the character fruity esters and spicy phenols. Post fermentation, Peach Blossom White Tea and Lavender are steeped in the beer. This adds to and compliments the fruity, botanical nature of the beer. A beautiful, complex aroma. 5.0% ABV, 23 IBU
    Available in bottle and draft. Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Plumptuous

    Plumptuous_labelScotch Ale. That scratching at the door of a full-bodied drinking experience means only one thing: It’s time to let the big dog in. Big and bold. Silky and strong.   Pop the top, and take a bite!

    Plumptuous unleashes an ideal  balance of pale ale malt, crystal malt and Bramling Cross hops  to deliver a rich pour with plum and  caramel undertones. Note a touch of roast fetched from a hint of black malt. 9.5% ABV, 27 IBU
    Available in bottle and draft. Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Mutha Pucka

    NDB_MuthaPucka_Poster-Label Pineapple Sour Blonde Ale.  A nicely crafted kettle sour. This unique blonde ale screams with refreshing tastes of pineapple and finishing with a gentle tartness. Beautiful aroma that matches what you would expect. Kettle soured. Pineapple is added with Hersbrucker dry hops.  Delightful pineapple aroma,  tart and super refreshing.   6.7% ABV, 15 IBU  So good you'll swear by it!

     Available in bombers and draft. Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Hammerhead

    Belgian-style Imperial India Pale Ale.  Aggressively hopped, quite spicy, fierce.  Named for an employee’s brother’s Army Aviation unit.  The malt in this beer (German and Belgian) is secondary to the Belgian yeast character and the aggressive American hop varietals.  ~7.8% ABV and ~85 IBU.

    Available is Bomber and draft. Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.


    Gose.  Made with more than 50% malted wheat, Pilsen malt, coriander seed and a dash of salt. Effervescent, crisp, slightly citrusy beer. This traditional German beer is the perfect quencher for summertime thirst!  5.2% ABV, 15 IBU

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.


    American Pale Ale.  This experimental pale ale features El Dorado hops which have bright tropical fruit flavors and aromas of pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. 5.5% ABV, 35 IBU

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.


    Red Ale. Deep ruby red, medium body ale. Dark crystal and slightly roasty malt aroma with pine and citrus hop aroma. Dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops.  6.2% ABV, 50 IBU.

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Threevex

    Mild Ale. Light, dry, toasty and nutty with a hint of caramel sweetness. Brewed with English Spring Pale Ale malt and a blend of English Crystal malts. The flavor of this beer is predominately derived from the complex malt profile. UK Bramling Cross hops provide just a touch of bittering to balance the malt. Very refreshing and very mild. 3.8% ABV, 18 IBU

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • BrewBacca

    Imperial Brown Ale. Despite being big and brown, this beer isn't too Chewie. Hops take a back seat to the chocolate malt notes. Fit for the halls of Kashyyyk or those of you Wookie enough to try it on tap here. 7.5% ABV, 32 IBU.

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Darth Porter

    Robust Porter. Two types of chocolate malt give rise to a roast malt flavor reminiscent of the dark(side) chocolate with a long toasted finish. This medium bodied beer drinks smooth and features caramel and coffee aromas. 5.5% ABV, 29 IBU.

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Red Defector

    American Sour Ale. Brewed with tart cherries featuring aromas of cherry skin and brown sugar which finishes dry with a lingering baker's chocolate note. 6.0% ABV

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Ice Cutter

    Double IPA. A big, yet light bodied beer with a very subtle malt profile. Mash hopped, kettle hopped, whirlpool hopped and dry hopped with predominantly Simcoe and Bramling Cross. Loaded with hop flavor, fruity aroma and a clean bitter finish. Named after saws used to cut and harvest ice from Lake Monona and other WI lakes prior to refrigeration. 8.5% ABV, 7 SRM, 100+ IBU.

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.

  • Iron Brigade Stout

    IronBrigadeAmerican Stout. Bold hop character with notes of chocolate and coffee derived from chocolate and roasted barley malts. Named after the tenacious Civil War infantry brigade, which primarily consisted of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiments. 6.1% ABV, 59 IBU, 44+ SRM.

    Seasonal beer. Contact us for availability.