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Serving: Monday & Tuesday: 4 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 11 am – 11 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am – Midnight
Sunday: 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday Brunch Specials: 11 am - 2 pm

Beer List


  • sevex-beer-label

    A Stock Ale.  Recipe is 90% Maris Otter (traditional floor-malted barely, with richer color and flavor) with 5% English Caramalt to add a little body, but limited color and 5% flaked barley for mouthfeel and head retention. Named for the pre-Prohibition tradition in New England breweries of labeling their stock ales with X's to represent the alcoholic strength of the beer.

  • wpa-beer-label

    A Pale Ale, rich amber color, along with a rich malty start from Wisconsin malted barley and specialty malts. Bitterness is noticeable, but not overwhelming. Plenty of hop flavor and aroma from dry-hop additions. About 5.5% ABV.


  • Bray Road Beast

    American Black Ale (aka Black IPA). “Insert funny anecdote about the beast here.”  Caramel aroma and aggressively hopped for a strong bitter finish. 8.2% ABV, 86 IBU, 30 SRM

  • Pariah

    Belgian Pale. 100% Franco-Belgian malts combined with American hop varieties. Fruity and perfumy aroma with subdued Belgian yeast character. Smooth and easy drinking. 5.7% ABV, 33 IBU.

  • NextDoorberfest

    Oktoberfest style ale.  German malts and noble hops combined with our house ale strain. Complex malt character from German Pilsen, Vienna and Munich and one secret malt.  Amber-orange in color, malty and slightly nutty, 5.5%ABV, 25 IBU

  • Tranquil Tripel

    Belgian Tripel. Belgian malts, nobel hops, and Belgian yeast combine to create a complex malt and fruity ester aroma and moderate spicyness. Medium body with a silky mouthfeel. 10% ABV, 6 SRM, 37 IBU.  

  • Luminous

    IPA. Pilsner malt help make this beer very light in color. Medium body citrusy hop aromatics with a well-rounded bitterness that finishes clean. 7% ABV, 66 IBU, 5 SRM.

  • Hammerhead IPA

    Belgian IPA.  Agressively hopped, quite spicy, fierce.  Named for an employee’s brother’s Army Aviation unit.  The malt in this beer (German and Belgian) is secondary to the Belgian yeast character and the aggressive American hop varietals.  ~7.8% abv and ~85IBU.